Friday, February 24, 2012

First Indoor Craft Fair Experience

 I'm still new to the craft fair world.  So far I have two outdoor fairs under my belt and one of them was a two day event.  I did alright at both of them making just over twice my booth fee.  I have enjoyed the shows and the people and and will be applying to both again.  During the holidays I started looking for an indoor show to help me sell some Inventory before we moved.  
I ended up doing a very small show at a high school.  I did manage to make twice my booth fee, but when the fee is only $25 it is not very impressive.  The good thing is that indoor shows are very easy to transport and set up and I would do another one if it was a better fit.  I learned with this experience that the less expensive a show is seems to correlate to customers looking for less expensive items.   I do not fit in this category.  You live and you learn.  
And because everyone loves booth photos, here is my first indoor set up for a Holiday show.
Have you done an indoor fair? Has anyone else had the same experience with a less expensive fair bringing customers unwilling to make more expensive purchases? Does anyone have any constructive feedback on my booth set up.  I'm working on some new branding for my upcoming fairs this season!   

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vacation in Instagram

I'm currently on my way home from an amazing five day family vacation in sunny San Diego.  My brother moved out here in 2010 and it was my parents first opportunity to visit him.  We've been to San Diego twice before on family vacations.  And now that we're older we did less of the popular tourist sites like the Zoo and Sea World and explored many areas we haven't seen before.  We also got to celebrate Bryan's birthday with him and the highlight was seeing him in 42nd Street Musical performed at the Coronado Playhouse.

This is a little snap shot From each day brought to you by Instargam!

Thursday Evening: sunset from the condo

Friday: La Jolla Coast

Saturday: Little Italy Farmers Market

Sunday: Mission and Pacific Beach

Monday: Balboa Park 

 Tuesday: Safari Park


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