Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoppy Thursday : Week One

In general, both my husband and I like to make things.  I love to craft and cook, and Matt loves to build and brew beer.  I also love to garden and try to grow things.  Key word being “try.”  Last year we tried to grow hops - one of the four main ingredients in a beer recipe.  It really isn’t hard, but we transplanted them too early and the frost killed all four plants.  I blame it on the unpredictable New England weather.  Hops are really fun to grow because you can literally watch it happen.  On average, hops grow about two inches a day.

We just planted our rhizomes this past weekend and we’ll share weekly photos during Hoppy Thursday of their progress.  And, to keep things fun, Matt will also being recommending a new beer each week within this post. 

Week One: Planting


To grow hops you start with a rhizome, a root cutting from a mature plant.  Rhizomes are only available for a short time each year, usually March and April so if the frost gets them you need to wait until the following year to try again.  It’s recommended to start them indoors where you can control light, temperature, and watering.  We’ve started ours in well-draining planter boxes with just two rhizomes in each.  We’ll keep light on them from 5am to 8pm each day and maintain damp soil.  Our goal is to keep them indoors until June 1st if they don’t get too big first.
We've planted two varieties this year. We’re growing Cascade hops because it’s used in many beer recipes, and we’re growing Mt. Hood because it’s just fun. Matt did all the planting this past Saturday and we already have lots of sprouts – check out this one that’s an inch tall already!
And our first Beer Recommendation:

A craft beer everyone can get their hands on: J.W.Dundee’s Honey Brown

Buy it if:  You’ve never tried a craft beer because you think their “heavy”
Don’t buy it if:  You won’t drink anything except Bud Light
Buy it for:  Your Memorial Day cook-out.  It’s easy to drink, flavorful, and your friends will be impressed if you’ve never ventured away from the thirty rack brands.

Average cost: is cheap! You should be able to find Honey Brown cases for under $12.00

We really hope you enjoyed our first Hoppy Thursday post – and that you’re already curious as to how big the hops will be next week!

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  1. Hahaha, I feel so bad for people who only drink Bud Light.

    I'm not sure what part of the country you're in, but if you're anywhere near Chicago, I recommend Two Brothers beer.

  2. I love a good oatmeal porter! I had no idea hops grew from a rhizome. I'll be checking the progress!

  3. Great idea for fathers day! You need a camera watching the hops grow - like the Eagle cam??? LOL

    Happy Thursday!!!

  4. wow..thats interesting. Hopefully your beer comes out tasty!

  5. Comment Love! Thanks!
    @Paige - I will totally look for that beer - I'm in Boston but we have sources ;-)
    @Julie - I also LOVE oatmeal stouts!
    @My Life - A camera would be a great idea - I'll share it with the hubby
    @Alexandra - we'll probably harvest in September and they brew out first wet hopped beer!

  6. Oh I love planting and finally seeing the sprout! Love!

    I tagged you for the versatile blogger award.



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