Sunday, April 17, 2011

Marathon Monday : Celebrate Handmade

Boston is a city rich in history, a huge reason why I love it so much.  This Monday we get to celebrate one of our most historic events, the 115th running of the Boston Marathon. 

To celebrate I found some awesome Marathon items from Etsy sellers.  I reached out to them last week to see if I could include their items in this post and I came to find out two of them are running!  How awesome is that?!?!

Heather from shinybitsjewelry created this hand carved block print to commemorate running the Boston Marathon.  It lists each town that she’ll run through.  Yes, you read that correctly; Heather is one of our Etsy sellers running! Wish her luck!
Boston Print- in honor of the Marathon

I absolutely love this shirt from FiredaughterClothing.  It’s such a great way to show you ran 26.2 in 617 (617 is Boston’s area code.)  Samya is the artist behind this amazing clothing line and she’s also running!  Wish Samya some luck as this is her first Boston Marathon and to quote her “I’m jumping out of my skin, I’m so ready!” 
BOSTON Marathon Oh Yeeeeaah Burnout Baseball Tee

I also found this a beautiful runner’s pendant from Jessica’sGifts.  Jessica can also add another disk to the pendant customized with the date and time you ran your marathon.  She say’s “this is a fun way to let people know you’re a runner without lugging around your race medals.”  Jessica’s not running in Boston this weekend, but I checked out her event schedule on her website and she ran a marathon Sunday the 17th in Ohio. 
Boston Marathon – Runners Charm

You ladies rock! Congrats to all on a Marathon this weekend.  I may not be marathon ready but I still like to challenge myself.  Sunday morning my husband and I ran the B.A.A 5K and we got to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon! Even if I never run the Boston Marathon; I am proud to participate in a small piece of this tradition that makes Boston so great.


  1. great post, I am not a runner, but this is a piece of history....have a super week!

    enjoy *~*

  2. Cool stuff! I definitely have a lot of respect for people with the stamina to be runners.

  3. Awesome finds! I especially like the necklace.

    I just moved to Boston and hadn't heard of the race or it's effects on the city until two days ago.. I was warned that the whole city SHUT DOWN and my precious post office would be closed. Alas, at least the post office was open. :)


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