Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Etsy Craft Party - Celebrate Handmade

Put your Party Shades On!  

Etsy is having a World Wide craft party tomorrow! I'm super excited to participate and meet some fellow Etsians face to face.  Are you going to a craft party Friday night? I'd love to hear about it!  The Salem, Massachusetts Etsy Team is having a Friday's on Front Street where the local shops (quilts, beads, and yarn!) will stay open late and Boston Bead Company will be hosting a few artists and a craft project.  I also found out one of my favorite Etsy shops will be there in person! I just featured his engagement ring during Wedding Week.

If you're local try and stop by.  If not, do something crafty tomorrow to celebrate.  Buy some chalkboard paint at the hardware store and give your spice rack a face lift! You'll also need a small piece of sandpaper, painters tape and a foam paint brush - all available at said hardware store.  Who knew that's where the great tools of craft partying were hiding?

In other news, especially for you locals!
Did you hear?
I'll be in person for the first time with Miss Meghan Elizabeth this Saturday! 
If your lucky, I'll post a sneak peak of my booth dry run and AWESOME displays tomorrow!


  1. A craft party sounds like lots of fun. I am hoping that my husband does not have to work late and that I can go to the one in NY for a little while. Happy Thursday!

  2. I am very excited for the Festival by the Lake! I will definitely stop by your booth to meet you :)

  3. Would love to attend one but none in my area :( Have a great time!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! You'll have to tell us how it goes. I'll be getting ready for a craft show tomorrow instead.

  5. This sounds fun! The local Winnipeg group just met up last weekend. Can't wait to see photos!

  6. Paige! I need to get ready for a craft fair too, my first one! I think I'm almost there, taking the day off real work tomorrow to do both :-)

  7. A craft party is a great idea! I'm helping a friend set up her booth for a craft show she's doing this weekend so I guess that's a different kind of crafty endeavor!


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