Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Thousand Words : Photo 4

Photo four: One of the coolest restaurants I've ever seen.  Couldn't afford to eat here though. It's at the Aria in Las Vegas (where hubby and I spent the weekend!)


  1. Woah! That is really intimidating looking! Haha! What type of food is it?

  2. Cool! We were in Vegas about 4 years ago, but I don't think that hotel was built yet. Did you see any shows while you were in town?

  3. Vegas, Baby!! Love it!

    I don't know that one, I haven't been in a few years but hope to make a trip in 2012.

  4. @Cathy - I'm not sure on type of good, all I know is it was expensive!

    @Paige - yes, we saw Zumanity and a comedy show at the playboy comedy club!

    @Julie - the aria is in City Center and is new as of last year! Amazing place! We loved Todd English's P.U.B. restaurant there.


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