Friday, March 25, 2011

About Meg : The Day Job

There is something I didn’t mention in my introduction post.  Between stringing pearls, networking with other crafters, being an awesome wife, stocking my panty with homemade sauces and granola, brewing beer, exploring the outdoors, training for another century bike ride, and sleeping;
I have a day job.
Actually I have a 7-7, commute to California every other week, high stress job in corporate American and it isn’t half bad. 
I’m a project manager for a national construction company that is based in Boston.  I’ve been working there since I graduated from college.  I work on high end restaurants and some are even for celebrity chefs.  I enjoy the designers I work with and helping their vision become real.  This week, I was on another site visit, which may or may not be on Malibu Beach J

I'm lucky this week that Matt was able to join me for a mini vacation.  We explored LA yesterday and are headed to San Diego today to visit my brother.  I'll tell you all about our trip when we get back.


  1. So you only go to your day job every other week? That's pretty cool!

  2. Hi Paige, no, I go to work M-F, and work on the project from Boston, I just get to visit every other week.

  3. Cool day job - Malibu is not bad!

    Your newest follower from the EBT : )

  4. Hi SisterBarik! It is cool, but making jewelry is way more fun. I follow you on facebook and your blog as well! I love your fabrics!


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