Monday, April 11, 2011

About Meg : The Boston Red Sox

April is here and Red Sox season has officially started.  I'm not a typical die hard like the majority of the Red Sox Nation population.  Yes, I stay updated with new player picks in the off season, I tell myself every year I'm, going to Ft. Meyers for spring training (haven't actually gone,) and I wish I could afford tickets to sit on the green monster. 

I'm a fan because Sox season means I have twelve date night lined up over the next six months with my husband.  Matt and I buy cheap tickets, at least one each month of the regular season.  We meet up in the city after work, get burgers and beer at our favorite pub, and get to relax, chat, and enjoy the fresh air and the energy of Fenway Park.  I can't think of a better date then one with the Red Sox and Matt.
Matt and I at the NYY game this past Saturday
Now we need some more "W"s


  1. Baseball dates are the best! Hubby and I LOVE them, although our Astros have not given us enough "W's" in the last few years, still so much fun!

  2. We love going to the minor league games even more than the majors--though when you're Padres fans the minor leaguers are often better!!!!

  3. I was so glad to get another "W" late last night! Janet - my brother just went to a Padres game yesterday. I haven't been to the PawSox yet, but it's a little far for me to get there.


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