Friday, April 8, 2011

Up Coming : A Styled Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who is a wedding photographer approached me to help her and some other wedding vendors with a styled photo shoot.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Deb isn’t just any friend.  She is the amazing photographer behind Deborah Zoe Photo who took a leap of faith this year taking her photography business full time; she’s climbing to the top fast!  I truly admire her success and ambition.  I also have to believe that she surrounds herself with equally creative and successful vendors and they asked for my help!
The theme for the photo shoot is romance, girlie, and ballet.  Think light pinks, lots of tulle, ruffles, and lace.  They’ve asked me to make jewelry around these themes for the model to wear.
I worked over the past week and weekend on a few special pieces just for the shoot.  I put the sparkle in the Swarovski earrings, the romance in the creamy rose quartz hand knotted necklace, and the girlie in a strand of pink pearls.
One item I took on while exploring the design possibilities of the theme is an embellished bib necklace.  I know these necklaces are “in” but I’ve never actually seen someone wearing one.  This was fun to make and brought in both beaded and textile elements.  What do you think?
Well, this was the sneak peak, there will be tone of photos when it’s finished.  Also, stay tuned because there will be a giveaway of any one of these pieces from the shoot later this month. 


  1. A styled photo shoot sounds like a lot of fun. Beautiful work.

  2. I love bib necklaces, too!

    I have been contemplating making myself one, too, and love the way yours turned out! Great job!

  3. Thanks so much! The bib necklace was super fun to make, I'm going to try another one soon. (My mom made all the yoyos for me, she's a yoyo queen!)


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