Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food Network Magazine Review : April

I’m obsessed with Food Network magazine.  Although, I don’t read any other food magazines so this is a completely bias opinion.  This magazine has become my go to cook “book.”  Each month after devouring all the stories and recipes (no, I don’t try them all,) I pull out the things I like and collect them in a big binder.  As part of my blog features, I’m going to review each month’s issue.  I’ll let you know what’s good, what’s not good, fun things I learn, and if you should buy that issue or not.

April 2011

Husband Approved:
Glazed Salmon with Spiced Carrots – This recipe is a winner because A) I’m always looking for new ways to do fish, B) its a great excuse to get agave nectar for your pantry and C) I got Matt to eat carrots.
My edits (I make edits sometimes to make things easier or cheaper)
  • None – this recipe works for me.  As an added bonus I got to use my mandolin to cut the carrots.  I also suggest freezing the extra fresh mint.  Chop the extra up and stuff it into an ice cube tray, fill the voids with water and freeze.  After they are set you can put them in a labeled zip lock bag.  You can defrost it later and mix it with honey and fresh fruit.  Or crush the frozen cubes for mojitos!

Haven’t Tried yet:
Barley Risotto on page 84 – I couldn’t find quick cooking barley
Can someone help me out?  I’ve always wanted to cook with barley because it’s one of the four main ingredients in beer and I love making risotto
My edits
§       I’m going to make this with regular barley (takes an extra 30 minutes!)
§       Swap suggested mushrooms for baby bellas – I need a meatier mushroom
§       Eliminate the fresh rosemary.  I eliminate fresh herbs often because they’re expensive.
§       No ham steak.  I’ve never bought this before and I’m not going to start now.
Let me know if you want the results after I make this over the weekend!

Pages that are Keepers:

10 Minute Desserts - Starting on page 90 there are over a dozen 10 minute desserts.  These ideas could come in handy when you have someone over for dinner, or need a way to use up the last of some fresh fruit. I’m going to save the pear and blue cheese for a wine party and I’m definitely going to try the microwave chocolate cake.  This idea is way cheaper than those warm delight things.

Coloring Easter Eggs - You can’t have Easter without dying eggs.  Forget all the weird stuff they used as dye in this feature on page 130 (now and laters, red hots, blue berries.)  I just think this is a great way to use that rainbow of Jell-O packets you got on sale.  Or, if you’re going for a fancy adult monotone look, maybe that old red wine you didn’t finish will work.

The Best Feature:

A Dozen Ways to do Deviled Eggs - this is one to keep in your back pocket for your upcoming summer cookout at you grandma’s house.  I haven’t tried any yet, but I am going straight for the lobster deviled eggs this 4th of July.

I wouldn’t by this one.  Compared to other issues it’s a dud unless you're a deviled egg queen.  No worries though if you’re a subscriber, most issues are eggcellent and the May issue should be a great one – stay tuned for the review.


  1. Great review! Loved the fact you summarized all the good stuff for us:)

  2. We get this magazine, too, and LOVE it. We subscribed from issue 1, and we're totally those weird people who keep them all in a pile on the bookshelf because the spines make a rainbow. Ha ha.

  3. Glad you liked it Kala!
    Paige - I actually had no idea the spines make a rainbow! I pull out everything I like and keep them in sheet protectors in a big 3" binder. I'll share a pic of that when I review the May issue I just got. I also like the sheet protectors, so I can wipe them off after making a mess :-)

  4. LOVE this magazine! A couple of my blog recipes have come from it. My mother gets a subscription and passes it on, lucky me! I agree about the barley risotto- looks so good! I used to be able to find the quick cook barley (Quaker) with the rice, even in Walmart, but no luck as of late.

  5. Update: I tried the barley risotto last night with pearl barley - came out AMAZING. It deserves it's own post, so stay tuned!


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