Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jewelry Design : How I Got Started

The jewelry I make has come a long way since I was little. In elementary school I made necklaces from friendly plastic at girl scouts. In middle school and high school I made more hemp necklaces than you can count. In college and after graduation I began making myself beaded pieces. One Christmas I bought a scrabble tile pendant kit and made necklaces as gifts for my friends. I finally started honing my skills when I prepared for my wedding and made a collection of necklaces for all of my bridesmaids.

The turning point that made me realize that I want to design my own jewelry for others to wear was my wedding ring.

I got to pick out my own engagement ring; Matt didn’t trust himself knowing the passion I have for classic jewelry. I wanted something styled from the 1920’s and I wanted flowers. I was able to find both in a ring made by Whitehouse Brothers. The only change we made to the one at the jeweler was swapping out the accent diamonds for sapphires. (Sapphires are extremely common in 1920’s wedding jewelry) When it came time to pick out our wedding bands – I did not like the one Whitehouse Brothers offers to match the engagement ring – so I researched designers I could work with to develop my own.

 I found Bostonian Jewelers in the Jewelers’ Exchange on Washington Street in Boston. I worked with Alexandria and her husband and we started with a photocopy of my engagement ring, a piece of paper, and a pencil. What came out of that design session is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I’ll ever own. We matched the stippling from the engagement ring to the outside of the wedding band, and took the flower on the engagement ring and had it engraved in a swirling pattern all around the ring. Not only is this my wedding band – the most meaningful piece of jewelry I’ll ever own – but it’s my design – in platinum.

To take this post full circle, I would like you to take a look at my designs since the big wedding ring project. (click here to visit my shop) My taste keeps evolving and my skills keep improving.
Please come back to this post after you have a chance to look around and let me know which one is your favorite.  I’d really appreciate it, thanks!


  1. I love that you shared the story of your wedding ring! How special it must feel to wear a piece every day that not only signifies your marriage, but is the result of your own creativity and passion.

    The designs in your shop are all lovely, but I think my favorite is the Long Aventurine and Sterling Silver necklace. I love classic, understated jewelry like this!

  2. Christina - thanks so much for your comment! I love that long aventuring too. Classic and understated... I'll continue to keep those words in mind as I design.


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