Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hoppy Thursday: Week 4

Week 4: Still Growing
The hops are continuing to grow nicely. The fourth plant is finally tall enough to need a string to start climbing. We had to put the planters on the floor to give the vines a little more room to climb. Hopefully this should give them enough room until we are ready to transplant them. As the weather warms up, we need to make sure they have somewhere to climb once they get to the great outdoors. 
Here's a quick recap: Week 1 - 1"; Week 2 - 18"; Week 3 - 29"; WEEK 4 - 43"!

Beer Review: Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale

Rhode Island’s only craft beer is one of our favorites. We spent many a college Friday night enjoying their free brewery tour and still enjoy visiting the new facility. They too just are starting to grow hops this year. (They also make great rum!)

Buy it if: You want to try a great beer from the smallest state.

Don’t buy it if: You don’t live in New England, sorry folks, it’s a little bit of a local beer, but they’re working on it! 

Buy it for: The Boat! Newport Storm was one of the first craft beers to become available in cans. I guess that's the price you pay when you're brewery is practically on the beach.

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