Monday, May 9, 2011

My Crafting Hero : About Meg's Mom

This post is a celebration of Mother's day as well as a shout out to all of the crafters out there - do you remember what started it all? Is there a person in your life that influenced you to continue crafting?  Do you have a crafting hero?

I grew up making things all the time.  My mom constantly entertained me and my brothers and sister with art projects.  As I developed my own creative interests, she still seemed to have anything I needed in her craft bins, and always tons of advice.  To this day, I call her every time I walk into a Micheal's or Joanne's because I know she will have much better answers than any of their employees (and she's worked at both - but was clearly over qualified.) 

So meet my crafting hero: My Mom - Elaine!

Meg: Mom, how old were you when you got your first sewing machine?
Mom: I was thirteen - I got it for my home-EC class

Meg: What was the first thing you made?
Mom: a tiny denim tote bag, and it was in home EC 

Meg: Did you DIY anything for your wedding, in 1982?
Mom: It wasn't popular then to make things for your wedding, they didn't have the kind of craft stores they have now, but I did make my own garter.  Two of them, one to keep and the throw away one.

Meg: What was the first thing you made me? being your first born ;-)
Mom: I made your crib set.  It was peach colored and had the bumpers, diaper stacker and a baby quilt

Meg: You've done lots of projects in each house we've lived in, infamously the sponge painting ;-), what was your favorite home project?
Mom: Not the sponge panting!  The stenciling in the Topsfield kitchen and dining room - even though they are all covered up now.

Meg: Quilting or Knitting? which one should you do a book deal for?
Mom: Knitting - because it's more popular right, much more hip than quilting
isn't this the cutest thing?! Mom! - you still owe me a felted pig!

Meg: When are you finally going to open a shop on Etsy?!
Mom:  Sooner rather than later - lets say two months
And she should add these to her Etsy shop - yes?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Mom: Lake Winnipesaukee, if you can stop it from snowing.

Thanks so much Mom! for being my crafting hero and always supporting each and everyone of my creative projects - it feels good to have your support, and I admire that you've stuck to your crafting love for so long! 

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful post about your Mom, your crafting hero:) Love the photos of you both:):)


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