Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wedding Week : Guest "Book" Quilt

Wedding Week with Miss Meghan Elizabeth - Tuesday : An alternative Guest "Book"
All the credit goes to my mom on this project.  She’s not on Etsy but should be, she can out-knit and out-quilt anyone.  The quality of her work is impeccable.
As an off-beat guest book idea my mom made Matt and I a quilt.  At my shower and at the wedding my mom collected sentiments and well wishes on fabric squares to create a quilt we’ll treasure forever.  This also isn’t the first time she’s created a signature quilt like this.  The method is tried and tested – it’s very durable and completely washable.  I can’t stand sentimental things that can’t be used.  When the caterers broke our wedding cake topper at my wedding, I could care less.   These quilts can be snuggled with, cried on, host a picnic, be machine washed, and you can still read the well wishes again and again.
Photos by http://www.cmorrisphotography.com
Do it yourself: (these instructions assume you can make a quilt or know someone who can)
§  Pick some awesome cotton fabric:  One color should be white or white-ish.  Pre-wash all of your fabrics.  This is key to the washability of the quilt in the future,
§  Pick a quilt pattern: something simple with a decent size block for writing.  My mom suggests the firecracker block of bow tie block.
§  Make the blocks: so they each have an individual writing area.  Do not finish the quilt then have people write on it, it could get ruined – or what if someone messes up and needs to start over? Make some extra blocks for them.
§  Get permanent markers:  you may want a rainbow of colors or just choose colors to match your fabrics. My mom used Sharpies.
§  Find lots of people:  you want lots of nice things to read.  If this is for a wedding bring them to the engagement party and the shower.  If it’s for a baby; bring them to the shower and carry a few with you – you never know who you’ll bump into.
§  After the event finish the quilt!
I still have the finishing step left on mine.  I told my mom I’d finish the binding to help.

Stay Tuned tomorrow as Wedding Week continues!
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  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I never would have thought of this!

  2. How cool! Awesome idea!!!

  3. Was looking up something else and this popped up. So glad I saw it. What a precious thing to have forever. I still have some of the good wishes on cards from my wedding over 40 years ago but how much more wonderful to have the quilt! Maybe by the time my grandchildren get married I'll not have forgotten this!


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