Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Week : A Bridesmaid Collection

Wedding Week with Miss Meghan Elizabeth - Wednesday : A Bridesmaid Collection

Today’s post was supposed to be a shameless promotion of my Bridal collection… but when putting it together I found I haven’t finished defining it yet.  All of my jewelry has organic inspiration which is what I can offer to brides looking for a natural look.  But before I start raving about it I need to take pen to pencil this weekend and express my thoughts.

Instead I’m going to share a current wedding trend that has influenced many of my signature designs: the miss-matched bridesmaid dress collection.
(Photo Source Unknown)

We’ve talked about this already this week; your wedding is the ultimate chance to express your style and personality.  We all love pinning to Pintrest, sharing on Facebook, and tweeting things that define who we are.  At your wedding – you can share your style for real and in person.

Your wedding dress will be the biggest style choice for your wedding.  You can also make an impact through your bridesmaids and jewelry choices.  Our friends already define a small part of who we are; now is the time to dress them to part! 
(Photo Source Unknown)

These photos are only two examples – Google "mismatched bridesmaid dress" for an endless image gallery of variations.

Anyway – translate this to a jewelry collection, yet another opportunity to style your wedding.  Maybe you can’t stray from the all one color, all one style bridesmaid dress tradition.  I have designed mini collections within my signature pieces just for you.  Picture this turquoise pearl collection – two different necklaces and a coordinating pair of earrings on your three bridesmaids. 
I also have the same collection in mauve naturally color pearls.  Photos by
And if your wedding has green- aventurine would be a perfect stone to incorporate in the accessories. 
I wish I had more to show you, I’ve been busy creating more and more coordinated collections and blogging about weddings.  Soon though I’ll take photos and list the new items! 

Did you mismatch your bridesmaid dresses? I want to see pictures! Share them in the comments!

Stay Tuned tomorrow as Wedding Week continues!
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  1. I am a fan of mismatching. These are great photos.

  2. Love mis-matched dresses! Lovely post!

  3. I love this mismatched approach! Those pearly-grey dresses in the second photo are GREAT.


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