Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Week : Coolest Favors EVER!

We interrupt our regularly schedule Hoppy Thursday and beer recommendations to bring you the fourth installment of Wedding Week with Miss Meghan Elizabeth.  For those interested, the hops have hit the ceiling! and we will be transplanting them outdoors over the weekend.

Now: I give you the coolest favors EVER!
Photo by Catharine Morris Photography
Again - another way to express your personality and interests at your wedding.  Our friends and family know Matt and I as beer lovers.  I don't think we have a friend out there that hasn't been given one of our home brews just because.  It was a little more expensive than typical favors, about $3.00 each, but so worth the enjoyment.

If you have a way to share a hobby or passion with your wedding guests through the favor, do it!  Who remembers a wedding favor?  Something personalized such as beer, wine, food, a music CD will not be forgotten.

If your interested in the beer idea, or even wine; look up a "brew on premise" facility.  Matt and I brew beer at home too, but for the quantity we needed for the wedding, we needed to brew at a larger capacity and at a facility which promises consistancy.

And I love our labels! The photos are from our engagement session -also by Catharine Morris Photography and we had fun with play on words and beer quotes.

Another great idea to incorporate a special beer into your wedding is to brew your own to serve at your wedding if you're supplying your own liquor.  We brewed a wedding beer - Hoppily Ever After - and served it at our pre-wedding cookout.  Even though it rained, the beer was a huge hit.  Maybe Matt can share a DIY tutorial for the custom tap handle!

Stay tuned as wedding week continues tomorrow
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  1. Clever! Much more creative than those candied Jordan almonds we always see at weddings. ;) I can tell you had fun this!

  2. Aww...those are so cute! The label quotes are hilarious. I have never seen that before - what a unique favor idea!


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