Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tomorrow's my Birthday! Etsy Favs & Coupon Code

I wouldn't normally promote my birthday like this, but a year ago today I did not have an Etsy shop.  I am excited that I made it a goal and that June has finally been a great month. So, for my birthday I wanted to: a) share my top Etsy wish list!
b) offer a coupon code to my shop! Good for the 28th and 29th for online purchases only.
Use code: HappyBirthdayMeg for 20% off!
Then And Now -  Five Time Wrap Semi Precious Stones on Leather.
Then and Now Five Time Wrap by Mad River Designs
I actually have one of these braclets, a three wrap, but I love it so much I'm craving another one!

Made to Order Garlic Keeper from Abby T Pottery
I found Abby while I put together a Made in New England Treasury, this garlic keeper has been on my wish list ever since.
Clutch-Style Wallet in White Floral Print
Cluch-Style Wallet by J Carter Handmade
I already have something from J Carter as well - get me as a customer and I'll fall in love! I have a clutch, and love her new wallet design. 
Felt Camp Fire (Custom Order)
Felt Camp Fire Set by Neafus
Now you probably think I'm wierd, but if I was turing five tomorrow instead of 20 something - this is what I would want!
So that's my birthday wish list, DH, if you're reading hint hint, nudge, nudge. 
Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget about the Coupon Code for my shop! So you can celebrate too! 


  1. What a fun idea for a post. My birthday is next month so I may steal this idea. =) Love that campfire set!

  2. That's too fun! My birthay's tomorrow too!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  4. Happy Early Birthday :)

    I love those wrap bracelets! Great wish list.

  5. Happy birthday!! I love those wrap bracelets and have a similar garlic keeper. Great minds. =)

  6. Happy Birthday Meg!! Thank you for featuring my Campfire.I sure hope you had a great birthday!!!

    P.S. The Campfire looks great in a fireplace that prehaps you don't want to use or doesn't work. Or even for a rustic decor item.
    So Meg for your birthday if you decide you want one I will give you 20% off. Just message me when or if you decide and I will set up a reserve.
    Thanks again =)

  7. I'm far from being 5, and still find that campfire irresistible!

    Happy Birthday to you!!!

  8. Thanks so much everyone for the warm birthday wishes! I truly appreciate it!


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