Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 Looks in 30 Days - 1 thru 5

And the challenge has begun!  I'm doing a 30 looks in 30 days challenge using 21 different pieces of clothing.
What I'm working with:
Three Blazers, sweater, tank top, button down, cardigan
Two t-shirts, blouse, dress, dress pants, trouser jeans, light wash jeans, skirt, black and brown boots, nude and black flats
The first five days have been super easy and this challenge makes it very easy for me to pack for my buisness trips.  I apologize for the horrible hotel room mirror photos, but I need to work with what I have.  Also - like workout clothes, I've allowed myself to make a few revisions as necessary for my job, seeing as though I'm on construction sites sometimes.  I wore work boots there (need to for safety!) and on day four the jeans are not in my 21 items, they are my waterproof travel jeans from Athleta. I feel like I'm doing pretty good and I'll post the next group of outfits next week.

Sunday - Day One - Night Out
Dress: Banana, Boots: L.L. Bean, Necklace: heirloom from my grandmother

Monday - Day Two - Work and Flight to Los Angeles
Jeans: Gap, Shirt: non-iron Banana, Shoes: DSW

Tuesday - Day Three - Work on Construction Site
Jeans: Old Navy, Tank: Loft, Blazer: Banana, Necklace: vacation  purchase (and yes, I wore my works boots with this!)

Wednesday - Day Four - Another Work day on Construction Site
Shirt: REI, Jeans: Athleta

Thursday - Day Five - Work Travel Day - Flight
Jeans: Gap Sweater: Gap


  1. More looks please! What a great challenge. I think I have to challenge myself since I know sometimes I'm jeans and t-shirt type in a week!


  2. I'm extra impressed with this challenge because you work at a construction site, and I imagine there are certain rules about what you can wear (no open-toed shoes, I bet).

    How do you like the no-iron Banana shirt, by the way?


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