Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Shop Item!

Happy Wednesday!  I haven't posted much about my Etsy shop lately.  Which is probably good, I hope you've been more entertained with my chalkboard pumpkin and 30 day style challenge.

I've been working on a few goals, all are in progress, but I haven't 100% completed any of them yet.

  • Have 100 items in my shop (I'm, on my way with 58 items and lots of new plans)
  • Develop a Seasonal Winter Collection (this I'm proud to say is about 75% done)
  • Market my Vineyard Collection for wholesale (hasn't happened)
  • Develop marketing material for my Bridal Collection (I have some professional photos done)
  • Make mini version of my Craft Fair Displays (DONE!)

I wanted to share with you the one I actually finished!  Like most crafters I'm not a one trick pony.  I've dabbled in all kinds of crafts but settled into jewelry for my Etsy shop - mostly because I love beautiful things.  But I also developed woodworking skills when laboring on construction sites and have refined them to now offer jewelry displays.

After seeing a display at the Portland Saturday Market, long before I opened my Etsy shop, I knew I wanted to also make and sell jewelry.  This summer I did my first craft fair and built my display based on what I remembered.   My tutorial of this display has become my #3 most viewed blog post.

People LOVE my display!  And I also saw this as a fantastic branding opportunity for Miss Meghan Elizabeth.  The simplicity and white paint fit in very well with my brand.  I scaled the entire thing down to a 12" x 12" display.

These displays are handcrafted by me and are made of poplar and select pine.  I did get a little set up help with the chop saw and drill press (sound dangerous, huh?) from Dad and Hubby.  I hope you don't mind this little shameless promotion post - but I'm pretty proud of these.
Jewelry Organization - Painted White
Jewelry Organization - Stained Wood
Thanks for stopping by!  The wood ones I also hope to offer as a part of my wholesale package for the vineyard collection.  Vineyard wine shops always sell odd and end wine items and I have two that I'd love to get my jewelry featured in!  Maybe I'll make that goal due date the end of this month.  Wish me luck!


  1. Very cute! I have actually been looking for something new to hold all of my necklaces that isn't that old school jewelry cabinet!

  2. I really do love these! I may have to ask you to make me one in exchange for lots and lots and lots of photos & some money! Haha!

  3. The stand with a walnut finish is adorable. If I sold jewelrey, I'd be in touch! lol

  4. These are great! I remember when you made the original one, and putting a smaller version in your shop is smart.


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