Friday, August 12, 2011

The Crafty Family - Sister

I thought it would be fun to share with you some other amazingly creative people I know.  It just so happens that we're related.  You've already seen the amazingness that is my Mom in the post about my Crafty Hero.

Today I bring you my sister - Jenny.  We're only 14 months apart and used to fight like cats and dogs when were were little.  The older we get however, the better and better our relationship has gotten.

Yes - Crafty Mom made those costumes.
She has no idea that I'm posting this, and I did not ask permission to "borrow" these photos, but facebook still has a download feature.  My sister paints.  It's currently a hobby and I'm not sure if she'll ever sell her work.  I'm impressed with it because they all contain wonderfully happy emotions.
I love this series of pictures she took of a recent painting.  The photos show the timeline of her creative process as she develops a final image of one of her favorite things - sunsets.

Thanks for "sharing" Jenny!


  1. Your sisters work is full of light and happiness! Thanks for sharing! Great photos too, sweet picture of the two of you when you were little. :)

    So glad I found you through Etsy Blog Team.


  2. Aww, you guys are cute. Your sister's work is very cool! She should think about selling it.

  3. Nice sister! Her painting is beautiful, reminds me of Monet.


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