Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bridal Shower - Sneak Peek Invites!

If you've followed this blog before you know that I've announced my sister is getting married this summer and I get to be her matron maid of honor.  I already have my dress! And so does the beautiful Bride.  The wedding planning is in full swing, the big stuff is behind us and we're working through the details.

I'm honored to be helping with the paper products.  I'm almost done with her shower invites.  Here is the sneak peek:

I honestly have no idea why I opened a jewelry Etsy shop.  Yes, I like shiny things so that could be the reason.  But if you read my Etsy profile it says my favorite material is paper which is 100% true.  I love cards and envelopes and the art of snail mail.  I made my own wedding invitations and it was my most favorite DIY project to date.  I've been thinking about this lately and hope to launch a note card shop section of my shop soon.  Or a new shop all together.  Thoughts?

I'll share more about the shower invitation and the rest of the amazing goodies I'm coming up with after the big show.  I have to keep some things a surprise from the Bride! 


  1. I'm digging that color combination, great job! :) If paper is your passion, I say GO FOR IT!
    Happy Day!

  2. *waves* Welcome back!

    If paper is your #1 draft pick, so to speak, then you should definitely work with it. I say that if you're going to be making more general products, then open a second shop, but if you want to stick with the overall wedding theme, then you could probably swing it in the one you have. It depends on what you want to make!

  3. I just wrapped up my friends bridal shower and she's a little of a crazy girl so we were hunting for some thing unique. We found a list of 99 scavenger hunt topics and placed the topics on the back of t-shirts which was the most awesome evening! We discovered some astounding ideas at this site… Extremely recommended!


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